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Why choose a private guided shore excursion instead a group tour? First of all you can suggest alternatives for your Italy tour experience.Your own private tour can be customized to include what you want to see and do.





Tivoli tour

Driving guide tour

Tivoli, the classical Tibur, is an ancient Italian town in Lazio, about 30 km from Rome, at the falls of the Aniene river, where it issues from the Sabine hills. There are spectacular views out over the Roman Campagna.Tivoli, with its closeness to Rome, its abundance of salubrious waters and its cool climate attracted many wealthy Romans who loved to spend their holidays here. Emperor Hadrian chose to build here his magnificent estate. Hadrian's villa was like a small town,there where baths, fountains, large halls, all beautifully decorated with statues and mosaics and very innovative in style. In 1461 Pope Pius II built the massive Rocca Pia to control the always riotous population, and as a symbol of the permanence of papal temporal power here.Tivoli was also the brainchild of one man,the powerful and ambitious Cardinal Ippolito D'este who during the 1500's set out to transform an old Benedictine convent into a new garden of Eden with more than 200 fountains laid out on sloping terraces along with beautiful greenery. Villa d'Este is perfect for a tour in the hot summertime, enjoy the coolness of waterfalls and sit in the shade of mighty ancient cypresses.


Excursion to Tivoli only 20 miles from Rome beautiful art city,worldwide heritage
Full day:party up to 4 people € 360.00, party up to 7 people€ 420.00
Half day:party up to 4 people € 220.00, party up to 7 people
€ 260.00





Castelli Romani tour

Driving guide tour

The Castelli Romani is a group of communes in the province of Rome, Italy. They are located at short distance south-east to Rome, at the feet of the Alban Hills.The area of the Castelli occupies an ancient, fertile volcanic area which has allowed since ancient times a flourishing agriculture. The former crater is occupied by two lakes, the Lake of Nemi and that of Albano.Starting from the Romans, it was an area frequented by the noblemen of Rome for its fresher climate during summer: the tradition was followed by the Popes which still have their summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, on the Lake Albano.The area is renowned for the production of wine, including the white wine of Frascati. There is also a wine called Castelli Romani, and has some very good qualities in the wine!


Full day:party up to 4 people € 360.00, party up to 7 people € 420.00
Half day:party up to 4 people € 220.00, party up to 7 people € 260.00