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Are you looking for someone to share a tour? Small groups (six people) affordable rates 80 € p.p. full day tour, avoiding crowded group tours. Post your message on our blog to find other travellers:




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Why choose a private guided shore excursion instead a group tour? First of all you can suggest alternatives for your Italy tour experience.Your own private tour can be customized to include what you want to see and do.




Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Tailored Golf Cart Tours of the Eternal City

Rome tour half or full day:
Golf cart tour is the best way to reach closer all the sights of Rome where cars or big vans cannot go or park. First of all it's an electric vehicle ,ecologic and it's allowed to drive in the restricted areas of the eternal city that are the best location of the historical center.The streets in Rome downtown are very narrows and were built thousand years ago for chariots and horses and golf cart tour of Rome it's a different way to get around the city about the usual vehicles that give a lot of problem of parking especially recently. Our golf cart can accomodate up to five passengers but in case your party is bigger we can use several carts and enjoy the tour all together. You will have the opportunity to reach the most important monuments very close and the walking will be very short in case that's a problem. Our golf cart tour is a combination between the walking tour and the driving tour so you can enjoy the comfort without spend a lot of energy in exhausting walking when in Rome the temperature is very high in summertime. We will drive you through the small narrows streets where is possible go only walking and out of the usual touristic route. Is a very nice way to enjoy a Rome city tour also for the families,the children will be very happy and they will appreciate very much this different kind of tour.Our tour leaders will show you Rome with the eyes of a local and you will be amazed even if it's not the first time in Rome.

Prices: (prices are for a golf cart 1 or 3 persons the price is the same)

half day tour (4 hours) up to 3 people: 240.00 euro

additional cart 60.00 euro
additional driver 60.00 euro

full day tour (8 hours) up to 3 people: 450.00 euro

additional cart 100.00 euro
additional driver 100.00 euro

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