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Why choose a private guided shore excursion instead a group tour? First of all you can suggest alternatives for your Italy tour experience.Your own private tour can be customized to include what you want to see and do.





Ancient Ostia tour

Driving guide tour

The ancient Roman city of Ostia was in antiquity situated at the mouth of the river Tiber, some 30 kilometres to the west of Rome. The shoreline moved seawards, due to silting, from the Middle Ages until the 19th century. Therefore Ostia is today still lying next to the Tiber, but at a distance of some three kilometers from the beach. Ostia is Latin for "mouth", the mouth of the Tiber. The river was used as harbour, but in the Imperial period two harbour basins were added to the north, near Leonardo da Vinci airport.Although Ostia now sprawls over 10,000 acres, around a main street that runs for more than a mile, it is still easy to imagine the local shepherds who for centuries sheltered their animals amongst its ruins, for they are an integral part of the tranquil Roman countryside. No modern houses, roads or telephone wires are visible on the horizon.Nowadays much of the old town has been excavated, and the visitor is free to wander and explore at their will. There is a lot to see, and a leisurely wander is extremely rewarding. Major sites include the Roman theatre,the impressive Forum, a large baths complex and more than one Mithraeum. Many of the buildings are preserved up to the second storey, giving a powerful sense of the past.


Full day:party up to 4 people € 320.00,party up to 7 people€ 360.00
Half day:party up to 4 people € 200.00,party up to 7 people
€ 250.00





Tuscia tour

Driving guide tour

According to local tradition, it was the Etruscans who once lived in the villages in the north of Lazio that gave the region its name Tuscia. The region is located to the north of Rome and it has borders with both Tuscany and Umbria. The province of Viterbo is divided in three zones marked by different enviromental and urban features.On the west side Tarquinia and Montalto di Castro, few kilometres far from the Tyrrenhian sea are surrounded by vaste plains of Maremma which extends inland up to the area of Monteromano Tuscania and Canino.


Full day tour 8 hours
Rate for party up to 4 people:
€ 350.00
Rate for party up to 7 people:
€ 420.00